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#115 by Audrius
Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:37 pm
Recently I was contacted by a fellow collector who asked:

Ebay seller Skautas is selling the ten iron wolf scenic view cards with the backs printed in German. Were these cards used during the German occupation? Or were they stolen and printed on the back after 1945 such as the many errors on Lithuania 30-60 most of which were printed in the late 40s in Germany?
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#116 by Audrius
Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:06 pm
Ričardas Vainora (Kaunas) writes:

"After Germany occupied the Baltic states, all available philatelic material from Vilnius was moved to Riga (Ostland center). Postage stamps were sold in bulk to German dealers; postal stationery cards used as cardboards and various printed mail forms. The remaining stock was used up during post-war years. We have seen such postcards also from the Lithuanian post-war years used for various membership forms and for collecting various duties.

Previously, these cards were found in local clubs and flee markets mainly in Riga and later in Australia (where the majority of Latvian refugees ended up after the war). More recently these cards surfaced on eBay.

Such postcards are not listed in postal stationary catalogs. All printings on back were made after these postcards were removed from circulation. Thus, these cards obviously will never be included in any official stationery catalogs. However, I think it may be worth listing these cards in a separate section in some catalogs simply to assist other collectors seeking such information."

In short, these cards should be collected as souvenirs not as actual postal stationery.