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LT-1922 surcharges forgeries Mi 141F

The 1922 Surcharges: 1 CENT. on 30 sk. orange

Among fakes of Lithuanian rarities it is not unusual to come across forgeries of one of the 1922 surcharges, namely, the 1 CENT. black surcharge on 30 sk. stamps of the Vytis design in orange colour. Forged surcharge 1 CENT. on 30 sk. orange (Mi 141F) During the late 1922 process of revaluation of Auksinas/Skatikas to Litas/Centas, it was the buff (light brown) 30 … [Read More...]


Siline 1919 cancelling by hand


Šilinė is a locality south east of Tauragė, better known as a wide-spread Šilinės miškas (Forest of Šilinė). A Lithuanian postal facility with access to telegraph … [Read More...]

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LPS Journal No 242

The long-awaited LPS Journal No 242 featuring excellent research articles by Dr. V Doniela, Dr. V. Geyfman, A. Kapochunas and others is now in print. This multicolored issue … [Read More...]

Memel / Klaipeda

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Lithuania 1919 Zagare Luneburg

Rare stamps and covers (Aug 2014)

Lithuania 1919 Žagarė Early cover from Žagarė to Lüneburg, cancelled in manuscript "Žagarė 6.VI.19", transit cancel "Kaunas 12.VI.19", Military censorship mark "M.P.k" (Militärische Postkontrolle Königsberg), receiving cancel "Lüneburg … [Read More...]

Mi 404 forgery

Fakes and Forgeries Database

Every week we compile list of philatelic fakes and forgeries found on eBay and other online auctions. Please help us to maintain this database by sending us links to websites and online auctions that sell such stamps and covers. Fake stamps are sometimes … [Read More...]

Memel Mi 136P

Rare stamps and covers (July 2014)

Memel / Klaipėda 1923 provisional issue proof Klaipėda (Memel) 20 Mark proof of the Fourth Provisional Lithuanian issue, brown paper, no gum, pos 2, Mi 136P, Huylmans certificate. MiCV 1200€. eBay listing - Ending: Aug 19, 2014. Currently: … [Read More...]