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LT-1939 Klaipeda customs label

Klaipėda 1939: Customs Functions to Kaunas

Following the practice of most European states after First World War, the newly established state of Lithuania also exercised some censorship over a range of postal items addressed to foreign destinations. With time, and affected by the world's economic crises, Lithuania introduced increasingly strict restrictions over financial transactions as well. Postally, this took the … [Read More...]



LPS Journal No 242

The long-awaited LPS Journal No 242 featuring excellent research articles by Dr. V Doniela, Dr. V. Geyfman, A. Kapochunas and others is now in print. This multicolored issue … [Read More...]

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Šilinė is a locality south east of Tauragė, better known as a wide-spread Šilinės miškas (Forest of Šilinė). A Lithuanian postal facility with access to telegraph was established … [Read More...]

Memel / Klaipeda

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LT-1920 Telsiai postmaster issue lined paper lg

Rare stamps and covers (Nov 2014)

Lithuania 1920 Second Anniversary of Independence Issue 3 auksinai of the 2nd Anniversary of Independence Issue – fantail left variety, Mi 74. eBay listing - Ending: Nov 26, 2014. Currently: $7   Lithuania 1920 Telsiai A scarce mint … [Read More...]

LT-1919 Missions Militaires Francais Dans Les Pays Baltis

Rare stamps and covers (Oct 2014)

French Military Mission to Baltics Stampless military mail envelope addressed to Paris cancelled by 'Missions Militaires Francais Dans Les Pays Baltes / Le General Comt.' double ring in violet, with Paris arrival and forwarded to Epinal. 29th … [Read More...]

Mi 404 forgery

Fakes and Forgeries Database

Every week we compile list of philatelic fakes and forgeries found on eBay and other online auctions. Please help us to maintain this database by sending us links to websites and online auctions that sell such stamps and covers. Fake stamps are sometimes … [Read More...]