Siline 1919 cancelling by hand

postal history


Šilinė is a locality south east of Tauragė, better known as a wide-spread Šilinės miškas (Forest of Šilinė). A Lithuanian postal facility with access to telegraph was established in probably the Ranger’s office. Apart from an unclear reference to a place called Borkai, no further details are available. A mandate to set up a postal facility there was issued by

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stamp collecting


Rare stamps and covers (June 2014)

Lithuania 1935 Vaitkus Flight Cover The 1935 flight registered cover No 660 carried on the second transatlantic flight from New York to Kaunas by a Lithuanian-American aviator Felix Waitkus (Feliksas Vaitkus). Franked with Mi 404. Similar cover No 731 addressed to ALTASS in Chicago, recently sold for $800. eBay listing – Ending: June 29, 2014.

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Mi 404 forgery

Fakes and Forgeries Database

Every week we compile list of philatelic fakes and forgeries found on eBay and other online auctions. Please help us to maintain this database by sending us links to websites and online auctions that sell such stamps and covers. Fake stamps are sometimes knowingly purchased so that experienced collectors can study the stamps and learn

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LT-1919 Gargzdai Biebrich

Rare stamps and covers (May 2014)

Lithuania 1919 Gargždai German 10 Pf postal stationery letter card from a German volunteer franked with a horizontal 20 sk pair of the First Kaunas issue, cancelled in manuscript “Garzdai 26.II.19″ tied by boxed censor cachet, – “Checked and released, Censor’s Office in Königsberg i. Preußen”. 28th Christoph Gärtner Auction – Ended: June 2, 2014.

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website news

LithuanianPhilately poll-1 results

What Topics Interest You the Most?: Poll Results

Few months ago we published a poll asking website visitors which philatelic topics interest them the most. We suggested several possible new topics on this website including Memel – Klaipėda, Central Lithuania, and Aerophilately, and broader topics related to postal history and philatelic forgeries. The latest polling aggregate result shows that over 51% of LithuanianPhilately

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LPS Journal


LPS Journal No 242

The long-awaited LPS Journal No 242 featuring excellent research articles by Dr. V Doniela, Dr. V. Geyfman, A. Kapochunas and others is now in print. This multicolored issue includes a comprehensive study of volunteer Feldpost services of German voluntary border guards units (Grenzschutz) in post-WWI period Lithuania. This issue also provides a historical background of

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Memel / Klaipeda territory ca. 1924

The Memel – Klaipėda Territory: Historical background

The original Scalovian and Curonian territory was conquered the German Order of Teutonic Knights who built the Memel Castle (Memelburg) in 1252. Its main purpose was to strengthen their own control of the area during the period of the Prussian Crusade against the Baltic tribes. The town which grew around it was also named Memel.

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local issues

Raseiniai 1919 - local Issue used on mail

Raseiniai 1919 – Local Issue 15 k on mail

For description and analysis of the Raseiniai 15 k Local Issue, including the two printings and use of different postmarks, see article by Audrius Brazdeikis on this website under Local Issues – “Raseiniai 1919 Local Issue Printings“. For an article on Raseiniai 1919 see Vytautas Doniela, this website under “Raseiniai 1919“. Register of Local Issue

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