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War orphans issue stamps on a money-order Zeimelis

1924 War Orphans Issue: Costly Oversight

As a result of a contract with the Lithuanian Ladies Welfare Committee the Pašto Valdyba agreed to surcharge a set current definitives and airmail stamps with an additional value for charitable purposes. There is no official first day of issue but a circular about the surcharges was sent out to post offices dated February 13, 1924. As stated on the overprint, this issue came to … [Read More...]



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Šilinė is a locality south east of Tauragė, better known as a wide-spread Šilinės miškas (Forest of Šilinė). A Lithuanian postal facility with access to telegraph was established … [Read More...]

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LT 1920 fantail bottom variety Mi 73

Rare stamps and covers (Mar 2015)

Lithuania 1938 unknown Retour cachet A previously unreported "Retour Inconnu" (Return Unknown) cachet on return cover to the US, applied on 31.V.1938 at Kaunas Centr. Nr 2. eBay listing - Ended Mar 08, 2015. Sold: $9 (3 bids) Lithuania … [Read More...]

LT-1924 Mi 215 Wz Schlingen used

Rare stamps and covers (Feb 2015)

Lithuania 1919 local issue Grodno Letters franked with local issue 50 sk stamps mailed locally (4.3.1919) from Lithuanian Gardinas post office to German Frw. Feldpost 3007. eBay listing - Ended: Feb 7, 2015. Sold: $105 (9 bids) eBay listing - … [Read More...]

Mi 404 forgery

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Every week we compile list of philatelic fakes and forgeries found on eBay and other online auctions. Please help us to maintain this database by sending us links to websites and online auctions that sell such stamps and covers. Fake stamps are sometimes … [Read More...]