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LT-1939 Sventosios Uostas

Šventosios Uostas and Volunteer Work Teams

During the annexation of Klaipėdos kraštas (= Memelgebiet) by Germany on March 22, 1939, Lithuania also lost Klaipėda as its only sea-worthy port. Although the German take-over allowed some concessions for Lithuania's trade needs, it was tragically obvious that Lithuania badly needed its own independent sea outlet. The only choice available was provided by a modest-size fishing … [Read More...]



LPS Journal No 243

The long-awaited latest issue of LPS journal is now in print. It has been a long time coming, but worth it. The issue No 243 gathers together excellent research articles by Dr. V … [Read More...]

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Šilinė is a locality south east of Tauragė, better known as a wide-spread Šilinės miškas (Forest of Šilinė). A Lithuanian postal facility with access to telegraph was established … [Read More...]

Memel / Klaipeda

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LT-1927 postally used Mi P1 15c maroon miscut

Rare stamps and covers (July 2015)

Lithuania 1924 Stylized Cross Mi 215 used Very rare as used, Litauen Wz Schlingen Mi 215. Klein certificate. MiCV 1000€ eBay listing - Ending Aug 1, 2015. Currently: $113 Lithuania 1927 Vytis Cross issue error 10 cent, violet, strip of 3, Mi … [Read More...]

LT-1919 Radvikiskis one-liner reg-598

Rare stamps and covers (June 2015)

Lithuania 1919 Radviliškis Registered letter with a provisional registration in manuscript. One-liner cachet "Radviliskis". German military censorship mark “M.P.k” (Militärische Postkontrolle Königsberg). German label “Vom Ausland über Königsberg Pr. … [Read More...]

Mi 404 forgery

Fakes and Forgeries Database

Every week we compile list of philatelic fakes and forgeries found on eBay and other online auctions. Please help us to maintain this database by sending us links to websites and online auctions that sell such stamps and covers. Fake stamps are sometimes … [Read More...]