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 #779  by Prahanoaki
Can someone tell me what this could be? At the first look, it appears like a total bogus but the cover seems genuinely old. Moreover, if its fabricated, it would at least try to imitate something, wouldn't it? But instead, it ignores all common sense of the postal service. "IPP KAL"? IXA? I thought it might be a private courier service. It has no street address, just "Consul Mr..." in Tallinn. On the back there is a date 1921 january, did Central Lithuania have regular postal services between other Baltic states at the time? I would appreciate if anyone has any kind of information.
Thank you.
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 #780  by Audrius
I have never seen such cancels. Nothing seems to be right here. Rather poor workmanship for being private courier service markings. Receiving cancels and the R-label also look suspiciously bogus to me as well.

It looks like someone made a lot of effort to create this cover. Most likely they used existing old, unmailed envelope with stamps. However, like fantasy stamps issued by fictional countries, I would classify it as a fantasy philatelic item.

Where did you find this cover?
 #781  by Prahanoaki
I thought so. But what an effort to make such bogus looking bogus..
I got this from a collector in Romania. He couldnt tell me what it was either. Its now part of my bogus-forgeries collection.