ask questions about Memel forgeries
 #642  by rzydrius
recently I've get a lot of quite expensive postmarked stamps with old signatures. Some postmarks I couldn't find in Fugalevicius Lithuania Postal Cancels Catalog, so maybe postmarks, maybe signatures are forged. For example:
189 R.jpg
184 186 187.jpg
184 186 187 R.jpg
There are only most doubtfull stamps.
Maybe it's possible to find somewhere the list of forged signatures? Or list of old Memel postmarks?
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 #643  by Tobias Huylmans
Dear Mr. Rackauskas,

I am sorry to tell you that all postmarks are fake.

The signature PICKENPACK is also fake. I have never seen the genuine Pickenpack
signature on Memel stamps.

All expensive Memel stamps Should only be bought with a current expertization.

Tobias Huylmans
 #644  by rzydrius
Dear Mr.Huylmans,
thank You for fast and clear response!
What do You mean about SALOMON BPP, Dr.Hindrich's, DR.BONNIG, BARTELS, Ing.Becker, P.WEGNER signatures on Memel stamps?
I found such signatures on some stamps and couldn't distinguish are they genuine.