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new Lithuania stamp issues
#158 by Audrius
Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:00 pm
Name: Souvenir sheet “650TH ANNIVERSARY OF KAUNAS”
Issue date: 2011 03 19


The year 1361 marks the first time Kaunas has occurred in written records when mentioning a newly built Kaunas Castle. In 1362, it was captured and destroyed by the Teutonic Knights. In 1401, the Castle was rebuilt by Vytautas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Since then, Kaunas, being situated at the crossing of land and river trade routes, has become a prominent city of Lithuania. Within the period from 1919 until 1940, it was a provisional capital of the Republic of Lithuania. At present, Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania, the one which has set up the first radio station in Lithuania, established the first music school in the country, organized the first opera performance, held the first Lithuanian Song Festival, and etc.
The souvenir sheet depicts: Kaunas Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in the city, which is also called the “white swan”; Perkūnas House of Gothic style and remarkable for its outstanding beauty; the building of Kaunas Main Post Office, which manifests the first steps of modern architecture in the city.
In 2011, the City of Kaunas is celebrating its 650th anniversary.

Artist H. Ratkevičius.
Offset. Art paper. Souvenir sheet 90x80 mm. Stamp 39x30,25 mm.

578. Souvenir sheet:
3 Lt – Kaunas Town Hall.
3 Lt – Kaunas Main Post Office.
3 Lt – House of Perkūnas in Kaunas.

Edition: 0,020 million. In print in “Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH” printing-house in Austria (Vienna).

Price LTL: 9.00
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