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new Lithuania stamp issues
#837 by Audrius
Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:59 am
Issue date: 2013 01 19


636 3.00 Lt – Brown fox
3.00 Lt - Bearded tit
3.00 Lt – Heath spotted orchid

Design: G. Gruzdaitytė. Offset. Art paper. Sheet size 96 x 50 mm. Stamp size: 25.5 x 36 mm mm.

Edition: 20,000. Printed by “Garsų pasaulis“ printing house in Lithuania (Vilnius).

The Žuvintas reserve is located in the southern part of the Middle Lithuanian lowlands. It comprises Žuvintas and Amalvas wetland complexes, formed in a depression of the limnoglacial plain surrounded by moraine hill ranges, and Bukta forest on moraine plain. Lake Žuvintas is called the cradle of Lithuanian swans, since swans have spread into Lithuanian lakes from this place. There are 255 species of birds registered in Žuvintas Reserve, the lake is famous for the abundance of hatching water birds.


More pictures: http://www.zuvintas.lt/fotogalerija.php
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