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An interesting article appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of the Rossica Society Journal [1] written by Mr. Raimundas Lapas (attached).

As always, I’m impressed with the many useful facts, historical references and vast illustrations Mr. Lapas provides, however I was disappointed by some inaccuracies found in the article.

1. Author writes that stamps of the second Vilnius issue appeared on December 31, 1918.

It is a well-established fact [2] that stamps of the second Vilnius issue were printed over a four-day period, between December 28 and 31. Already on December 28, the newly printed stock of 20sk and 30sk stamps was sent to Grodno [3] and could have been delivered to other post offices outside Vilnius.

2. Author then provides a rare example of an early cover from Kaunas franked with a 30sk stamp of the second Vilnius issue tied by the one-liner “Kauno pastas,” which is incorrectly described (Fig 2 caption) as “…mailed to the Lithuanian Postal Administration in Vilnius on December 27, 1918…

Indeed, the author contradicts his earlier statements on the same page. I believe that he must have gotten confused, understandably overwhelmed by the handwritten note in pencil (27.XII.1918) probably added at a later time. The earliest date this cover could have been sent is December 28.

[1] R. Lapas, Journal of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately 165, 39-45 (2015).
[2] V. Bubnys and J. Normantienė, Paštas Lietuvoje 1918–1940 metais: valstybės pašto kūrimas ir veikla, ženklų leidyba. (Lietuvos Nacionalinis Muziejus, Vilnius, 2014).
[3] V. Doniela, Journal of the Lithuania Philatelic Society 234, 50-61 (2005).
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