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Suwałki Region was heavily contested between Lithuania and Poland after German occupation (Ob. Ost) was lifted in the wake of WWI.

Wikipedia: "In the wake of World War I, both countries were established as independent states, but their borders were contested. In 1918 the Suwałki Region was claimed by re-established independent Lithuania based on cultural heritage and later 1920 peace treaty with Soviet Russia, but Poland officially insisted on dividing the area along the ethnic lines. In the aftermath the Suwałki Region was left on the Polish side of the border, with a Lithuanian majority in the countryside around the Polish-dominated cities of Sejny and Puńsk in the northeastern part of the region.
Most of the area was briefly controlled by the Lithuanian forces in 1919, and again in 1920 during the Polish-Bolshevik War. In 1920, however, Marshal Ferdinand Foch proposed that the Suwałki Region be granted to Poland. The proposal was accepted by the Paris Peace Conference and after the Polish-Lithuanian War, the Lithuanian forces withdrew from the Suwałki Region and it became a part of Poland. "

Predominantly Lithuanian Suwałki Region remains a part of Poland to this day.

Lithuanian SUVALKAI Post office was open for a very brief period of time between 1919 and 1920. Correspondence from this town and postal cancels are rare. Attached is one of the examples. Anybody has more? How about the more precise dates the P.O. was open?
SUVALKAI cancel.jpg
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Interesting topic - thanks for your posting your scan and starting the discussion, Vitaly.

Dr. Doniela recently wrote an article about opening and closing Suvalkai post offices in 1919-1920. He provides some historical background and illustrations of provisional, and standard calendar postmarks, and also shows some forgeries. ... /suvalkai/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

The National Assembly set with Suvalkai postmark and forged First Vilnius issue stamp with fake Suwalki cancel included in the article are from my collection. I may have few other examples of Suvalkai postmarks on Berlin issue stamps.