various postal history related discussions
 #537  by pantadeusz
Well, well, well ... As capitalists we've been focusing our eyesight on the West! :shock: But how about this particular gem? Ah, yes, yet another topic of discussion. Independent Lithuanian postal cancellations used in Soviet period as late as 1949 (at least that is what I have seen). No, I promise today no lectures or sermons. Besides, most of us know the atrocities our Lithuanians endured when deported to Siberia. This historical registered card obviously does not ring of the traditional slogan that many Americans from their vacations on picture postcards would write to their love ones in the 40s or 50s "Wish you were here..." Frankly, I'd like to rephrase that greeting "Wish you'd submit your scans to this particular forum question." Or is it just Audrius and I that have cornered the market with these elusive items? Come on, gang, get the scanner running, show you beauties! I am positive there are more of you out there that have such items to show!
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