let others know about your collecting interests
 #603  by simonk
I'm a philatelist whose interest lies in Estonian pre-WW2 airmails and the somewhat larger and diverse postal history of Wilno/Vilnius from Jan 1935 till June 1941. I have been compiling the stamps of Poland, Lithuania, and the Soviet Union that were valid for sale across the counter during that period and picking up postal covers as often as I can. As the collection is Lithuanian biased, I also collect errors and proofs that were produced for the Lithuanian stamps valid Oct 1938 - March 941. While I did collect a lot of the overprint stamps for June 1941 (Neprik and Vilnius), I've since disposed of that period as I really became very bored with them; seems most covers are just philatelic and silly prices for the overprint errors; mind you my sale of those did help fund other purchases :D lol.