new Lithuania stamp issues
 #937  by Audrius
Issue date: 2013 08 24
657 1.35 Lt – Uniforms of Land Forces

Design: Aušrelė Ratkevičienė. Offset. Art paper. Stamp size 35.5 x 30 mm
Edition: 80,000 each stamps. Printed by “Garsų pasaulis“ printing house in Lithuania (Vilnius).

Along with the postage stamp, the first day cover also to be issued.
The military history of Lithuania spans eight centuries, going back to the Great Duchy of Lithuania. From the early 13th century until 1795, Lithuanian Armed Forces was called the Army of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. When Lithuania regained independence in 1918, it rebuilt its military which was active until Soviet occupation in 1940. The Lithuanian Army once again was restored in 1990.

At present, the Lithuanian Armed Forces consist of 15 thousand soldiers and civil servants. The Lithuanian Army is made of Regular Forces comprising Land Forces, Air Forces, Naval Forces, and Special Operations Forces, Volunteer Forces and Active Reserve.
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