ask questions about Central Lithuania forgeries
 #783  by albump
I just ran across this on ebay, then found a warning on the Society website about the seller. ... 27cb709f78" onclick=";return false;

It appears he has quite a selection of questionable material, to be kind.
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 #786  by Audrius
I would never purchase anything from this seller. Too many fakes and forgeries.

As far as Prahanoaki's question is concerned, I think this particular stamp is a very questionable item. Postmark ..ELŠ...(Telšiai?) is a red flag for me.
 #787  by albump
While I'm just starting to collect Lithuania, I'm trying to become familiar with the Scott listings, as well as Jankauskas' catalogue. In collecting other areas for the last 10-20 years, I find that the rule: if it's too good to be true, it isn't, applies in all areas of philately, even at 25%-50% of Scott. I'm tempted to buy, if only to have a study collection of forgeries, but I'm not sure I want to encourage him.