new Lithuania stamp issues
 #1190  by Audrius
2016-01-02 Vytis, the Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania, in Flags, a standart set of 6 stamps
2016-01-12 The 25th Anniversary of January 13th Events, postage stamp
2016-02-13 The Red Book of Lithuania. Mushrooms, a set of 2 postage stamps
2016-03-05 Technical Heritage, a postage stamp
2016-04-02 Tourism in Lithuania: Kaunas oak-woods, a postage stamp
2016-06-07 Europe. Think green, a set of 2 postage stamps
2016-06-04 World Famous People of Lithuanian Origin, a postage stamp
2016-06-26 Lithuanian Animals. “Žemaitukai“, a souvenir sheet
2016-07-09 Gastronomic Heritage, a postage stamp
2016-08-06 2016 Summer Olympic Games, a set of 2 postage stamps
2016-09-17 25th Anniversary of Lithuania's Accession to the United Nations, a postage stamp
2016-10-08 Contemporary Lithuanian Art. Graphics, a postage stamp
2016-10-29 The 150th Birth Anniversary of Kazys Grins, a postage stamp
2016-11-05 The 100th Anniversary of Restoration of Lithuanian Independence, a postage stamp
2016-11-12 Christmas and New Year, a set of 2 postage stamps