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This is probably the wrong place to add this topic. I have decided after many moons to finally start putting the collection up on view (albeit slowly, but steadily). I was going to create a webpage based site, but on second thoughts decided to follow a few examples I'd seen of people's blogs.

Over the coming months, years and possibly decades, I'll be loading up images of covers and stamps to my blog, organized by year plus links to publications I've used and other useful data eg. town names, TPO routes. As I'm interested in Lithuanian stamps more so than the Polish and Soviet stamps, the Lithuanian section will include proofs, errors and other specialties. With the Polish stamps I will have examples of some printing errors because they can be found postally used, and therefore should be included. The general rule I have applied is that any stamp valid for sale over the counter in between January 1935 and May 1941 should be included. That works fine for everything but the Soviet stamps; for a country that killed collectors and the bourgeois, they sure put out a lot of stamps.

The topic covers the postal history of Vilnius/Wilno from 1935 until June 1941. This includes the Polish postal district of Wilno-Troki and any other "Polish Corridor" covers where such a cover has been sent to a Wilno-Troki town and thus bears a relevant receipt cds.

The blog can be found at ..." onclick=";return false;

I'll be adding pages for 1938/39/40 this week so that I can start loading some Lithuanian covers. As off today it's all Polish 1933 - 1937. What you say? Isn't 1933 before 1935? Well yes, I did make some exceptions and bought some covers with an earlier cds because the stamps used are examples of stamps that were still valid after 1935..... gotta break some rules to find examples of relevant stamps on covers!