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Imperforate 1A stamps of the 1922 Third Airmail issue

PostPosted:Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:19 am
by Audrius
Vygintas Bubnys suggests that pairs of imperforate 1A stamps or larger blocks from the sheet B are among the rarest varieties of classic Lithuanian postage stamps.

For more information and illustrations see his article: ... forate-1a/

Re: Imperforate 1A stamps of the 1922 Third Airmail issue

PostPosted:Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:36 am
by vitg
First I would like to congratulate Vygintas on this absolutely wonderful find!
A block of 4 imperforates of the 3rd Airmail issue would be a highly desired addition to any, even most advanced Lithuanian stamp collection.

I was extremely delighted to see the old black and white picture of the entire imperforated sheet of 108 stamps from "Lietuvos Filatelistas" as so kindly displayed by Mr. Bubnys.

I would also like to add some of my own thoughts and a couple of pictures:
1) I have to agree with Vygintas that the full sheet in "Lietuvos Filatelistas" is actually depicted up-side-down. Attached below is the scan of the multiple of 3 which was described by Vygintas in his post. This block indeed comes from the old Grigaliunas Sr. award winning airmail collection representing positions 46, 55 and 64 in the sheet. Although the margins are somewhat trimmed in the picture (probably for the purposes of occupying less space), this block can be easily identified. It has always previously been presented up-side-down in Grigaliunas' collection, A. Jankauskas catalog and in my collection. I am happy to turn in 180 degrees and position it right side up.

2) Second scan I would like to display is not described in Vygintas' post but is rather nice as well, showing the pair of imperforated stamps with one of the stamps depicting the "dot in the top rosette variety.

Once again, great job Vygintas, as always!