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About our store

I am a collector like you, and I love browsing online stamp auctions and finding interesting stamps and postmarks. Very often I end up buying large lots or even large personal collections just to add few unique items to my personal collection. Until now I always listed my duplicates or unwanted stamps on eBay. This project was born out of frustration with ever increasing eBay fees, their new payment policy and new feedback policy. Sellers can't leave negative feedback on eBay. EBay does no longer allow sellers to accept checks or money orders as payment. Also I am having a hard time justifying paying high fees (listing fee, final value fee, add-second-picture fee, re-listing fee, etc.) to use eBay as my selling platform. I am a huge fan of online shopping ever since I bought my first book on Amazon in 1995. This time I have my own online store. Let me know what you think of this new stamp store.